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Michael Chekhov

MICHAEL CHEKHOV (1891 - 1955)

Michael Chekhov, nephew of the playwright Anton Chekhov, was one of the outstanding Russian actors of his time. He was renowned for his imaginative and lively character portrayals at the Moscow Art Theater. A student of Stanislavski, Chekhov soon developed his own conception of theater and created, through „the observance of the creative process“ his own method of acting. Forced to flee Russia on account of Stalin’s politics, he traveled throughout Europe, working for many years as an actor, director and teacher. He settled ultimately in Los Angeles, where he became an acting coach for many Hollywood movie stars. In recent years the potential of his acting method has been gaining considerable recognition worldwide.



As an accurate observer of the ‘creative process’, Michael Chekhov investigated the interplay between psyche and body, between ‘intangible and tangible’. He found simple and clear tools for the actor, based on the powers of Concentration and Imagination, the Psychological Gesture, the Imaginary Center and Atmosphere. Specifically applied, these techniques can guide the actor to the discovery of his/her character in a relatively short time. Chekhov’s method is not a mere technique, though. All the elements of his method go beyond intellect, private experience and the mere business of producing art. They are doors to your own creative potential.



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